Feb 15, 2014

Love is

Posted on my FB status on Feb 14, 2014

Love is the spiritual kandinsky, the powerful rothko, the fun lichtenstein, the sexy klimt, the fun picasso, a petit peu de dali, the sensual o'keffee, the colorful matisee, and the rhythm of pollock all rolled into one. 

Love is my sensitive and loving munchkin no 1, the dainty and giving munchkin no 2, the strong and determined munchkin no 3 and the calm and happy munchkin no 4. Along with my supportive crazy family and beautiful colorful friends back home. 

Love is nasi ayam, bananaleaf rice, masak lemak, keropok lekor, apam balik, satay kambimg, tom yam, fatty crab, pisang goreng, sambal tempoyak, roti jala, tempe and petai all rolled into one. 

Love is going all the way across the world on a crazy adventure, meeting new people, getting the chance to rebuild and recreate, staying up all night trying to decode the ramblings of some scholar. 

May your hearts alway be open to giving and receiving love everyday.

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